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The Pros and Cons of Non-Shedding Dogs

For many people the dog is the family pet of choice. Man’s best friend is good for the soul and can bring a lot of love and joy into your household. However, if you chose to have a dog that lives in your house, then there can be some drawbacks as well. One of the biggest for some people is the shedding of hair that occurs with some breeds, which is one of the reasons many consider getting a non-shedding dog. There are a variety of both pros and cons to choosing such a dog breed.

The most obvious pro to a non-shedding dog is that it does not shed. Shedding breeds will tend to leave hairs all over the house, creating a homemaker’s nightmare if one intends to keep the place looking clean. Usually one will have to vacuum the carpet and sweep the floors several times per week to keep it looking good. A person must be especially careful in the kitchen to get rid of the dog hair, or one could inadvertently find dog hair embedded in your next meal.

Shedding has other disadvantages, besides being a nightmare for your housekeeper. Many people are allergic to pet dander, and by having it all over the place with a shedding pet, one might have to suffer a runny nose and a lot of extra sneezing. For people with such allergies, a non-shedding dog is probably much better than a shedding dog, assuming that person does not have other dog allergies that might not be solved by getting a non-shedding pet. For example, people who are also allergic to pet saliva might not see much of a relief is they get a non-shedding dog.

Of course, life is not perfect, so there are some cons in choosing a non-shedding dog. When a dog sheds, it is essentially getting rid of its hair before it becomes too long. Thus, it stands to reason that a non-shedding variety will grow longer and longer hair, and thus require a lot more grooming. The hair will have to be trimmed frequently, and you will have to brush the dog often to make sure it has a clean appearance.

The type of hair that non-shedding dogs have can also be a problem for those people in colder climates. The hair is much kinkier, especially in varieties such as Poodles. This means that if you live in an area where it snows quite often, the snow can easily get caught in the dog’s coat. This is the reason many non-shedding dog owners will adorn their pets with a sweater to protect their fur before they go outside in the cold weather.

There are many great non-shedding dogs to chose from. These include Poodles, Cockapoos, Maltipoos, Goldendoodles, Labradoodles(Pictured), and Portuguese Water Dogs. However, with the selection of any such pet, be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of owning such a breed. Otherwise, you might have more trouble in caring for the pet than you originally bargained for.

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