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She Saw Dog Drowning in icy lake, calls cops They Rescue The Dog-She Adopts

This is a story that has all the drama and emotion that a 6 tissue movie could deliver.

written by Grayson Berman

On a cold January day in Lake Michigan, a stray dog was spotted fighting desperately for life. She had fallen through the ice, and was struggling to keep afloat in the freezing cold water.
Just in time, a woman saw the dog valiantly paddling to stay above the water and called the police, who were able to rescue her before she drowned or froze to death. Luckily, her only injury suffered was slight hypothermia.

The Humane Society fittingly named her after the lake she was rescued in: Michigan.
The inspiring story had a resoundingly moving effect on the city’s residents. After it aired, hundreds of adoption applications flooded in, full of people willing to take the dog home.

Brenda Thompson knew instantly that Michigan was her perfect match. A dog lover who had already rescued a homeless black lab after the devastation of hurricane Katrina, she knew that, should she be able to adopt Michigan, she could give her a loving home. After no one came forward to claim the dog as theirs, Brenda found herself at the top of the adoption list, and was awarded custody of Michigan.

The dog that narrowly escaped death had found a family.
“We’re going to go home and go for a nice walk,” said Thompson, smiling. “His bed is all made up, he’s got new bowls. He’s good to go.”

We love happy endings. This dog and this quick thinking woman deserve to be forever friends. Don’t you love the part about her having adopting a Hurricane Katrina dog years before?

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