Dogs Reuniting With Their Military Moms & Dads Will Warm Your Heart!

There is a common belief that dogs never forget their master, this story makes us believe that is true!

It’s always hard being away from our pets; they are like our children! Most dogs will greet you at the door after a day of work as if they haven’t seen you in months. Now imagine if it actually had been months. That’s how long many of these soldiers had to be away from their beloved pups.Whether they were away for combat training, or fighting overseas, they’ve missed their dogs and their dogs have missed them! It’s heartbreaking because the dogs have no idea where their humans are, or if they’re ever coming home. In the video below, you’ll see dogs reuniting with their humans who are coming back from deployment. They are all so surprised and extremely excited, and can’t stop wagging their tails and giving kisses. The reunions in the video below will melt your heart and maybe even bring you to tears!


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