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Benson and Josie A Dog Rescue Story That Illustrates “Adopt Don’t Shop



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We here at Barkton.com have long been advocates for pet adoption. We as a family have had wonderful experience with dogs and cats we have adopted. You can like Danielle in the story find your perfect canine companion at a shelter near you go by and get aquainted with the people and animals at shelters in your town. You will find that visiting the prospective pets there will lead to the one that has real chemistry with you. The writer of this story is a best selling dog training author and a dedicated promoter of the “adopt don’t shop” philosophy.

Benson, a 1 year old Lab mix, was born at a shelter, commonly referred to “The Alabama Slammer,” on July 4th, 2015. With the help of some very selfless volunteers at Akron Canine Rescued Angels, Inc., he and his litter mates were transferred all the way up to Buffalo, NY. Prior to Danielle and her husband getting married, she spent many months searching for the perfect dog, one that she could see fit perfectly into their new little family. About a month after their wedding in October of 2015, Danielle saw Benson’s picture on Facebook and knew he was the one for them! When Danielle and her husband went to visit, Benson and his siblings were sleeping soundly together. Then, Benson lifted his little puppy head and ran right over to Danielle’s husband – it was like he KNEW they were going to be giving him a place he could finally call home! Benson is their first rescue dog, and neither of them knew what to expect. That’s one thing about rescue pups, you don’t know their background or how they were treated or if they were taken away from their mother too soon. With a lot of patience and training, Benson has turned into one of the sweetest pups his forever parents have ever had. He’s extremely independent, very rarely likes his picture taken, but he’s so in tune with human emotion. He definitely knows when you are feeling down and in need of some comforting. He will always be his parents’ “first baby,” who moved in with them when they bought their first home, and who walked with them while they learned their new neighborhood. He came into their lives at the perfect time and was the best part of his parents’ new beginning.bensonJosephine’s mom was found as a stray and was rescued through Open Arm’s Rescue in Buffalo, NY. Danielle finds comfort in knowing that her mother was also adopted and lives with a wonderful family now, too. Josie was her parents’ “impulse buy.” They loved rescuing Benson, and both advocate to others about the hundreds of thousands of rescue animals across the country that are in desperate need of homes. Benson loves other dogs, and they thought he would benefit from having another pup in the house. Since he is still full of puppy energy, Danielle and her husband knew that they wanted another dog his age (or younger) to keep up with him. When they met Josie, Danielle was a bit thrown off because she growled at Benson during their “meet and greet.” The rescue told her it was perfectly normal, and that she’s been around other dogs (big dogs) her entire, short life. They decided to give it a chance and adopted her. Her adoption wasn’t as easy as Benson’s – although extremely smart (she’s half Jack Russell and half Beagle), she seems to have some fearfulness around other people and dogs, but is very loyal when it comes to her parents and big brother. She is only 8 months old, and it is something they continue to work with her on. That’s one thing Danielle and her husband have taken away from rescuing; rescuing isn’t just a commitment to give a pet a good home. It’s a commitment to them that you’ll stay patient while they learn, remain understanding when they do something wrong, and loving when they are afraid. Danielle doesn’t know if something happened to Josie to make her this way, but she does know they try their hardest to help her feel comfortable. Despite the fearfulness with strangers and other dogs, when she is alone with her family, she has a permanent smile on her face, loves to show affection (especially to her dad!) and is full of joy.josie

What is ARF power? This is what Larry believes:

A = Advocacy. When we protect and improve pets’ lives, we protect and improve life all around us.
R = Readiness. When we train positively as Good Humans, our pets thrive…and so do we.
F = Fun. Does this really need an explanation? Dogs embody fun with their waggy being.

“Research shows that dog EQ (emotional intelligence quotient) is equal to, if not higher than human EQ. Loved dogs show us high levels of empathy, compassion, care, trust…and distrust. When it comes to emotions and personality, it may well be the dog (not the chimpanzee) that is our closest kin.” Larry Kay, from Life’s A Bark

Cause Marketing. Under Larry’s leadership, Positively Woof promotes shelter adoptions with web films, fundraising, and high-impact Cause Marketing programs.

Larry Kay believes that “when we discover pets, we discover ourselves.” With 1.9 million Facebook fans, Larry’s PositivelyWoof.com platform promotes shelter dog adoptions with web films, fundraising, and innovative Cause Marketing programs. He is the author of Life’s A Bark and the award-winning Training the Best Dog Ever, which became a #1 best seller in dog training on Amazon Kindle. He created the award-winning Animal Wow dog care DVD for kids, which was endorsed by the American Humane Association. Larry Kay has been a frequent contributor to the American Animal Hospital Association and Dog Fancy magazine.

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