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For dog owners, having a safe place to keep one, both inside and outside of the house is an important matter. Just like people, dogs need a place where they are comfortable and feel safe. Dog crates and kennels may be may be what you are looking for. Crates and kennels are available in several shapes, sizes and choices of materials. The size of crate or kennel you need will depend on the breed of your dog. If you are purchasing one while he is still a puppy, be sure to get one that will be large enough when he is fully grown.

Crates are used indoors and they are available in many different styles, materials and sizes. Materials used for crates include nylon, wood and steel. Some are very rigid while others are soft-sided. There are even crates made from furniture grade melamine designed to look like a piece of living room or den furniture. Some are made to look like tables and people use them as table tops complete with lamps and decorative accessories. This type of crate is easy to assemble and to clean.

Galvanized steel crates are very popular for indoor use. They are widely used by professionals because they are durable and easy to use when traveling.

Soft-sided crates are popular because they are easy to assemble, lightweight and provide good ventilation for a dog. They are also usually the least expensive type of crates.

Kennels, usually used outdoors, are often constructed out of wire mesh panels and galvanized steel. Many can be put together without tools. If your yard has a fence around it, you have the option of having a kennel with an open door. Then your dog can enter and leave on his own. It is important that the kennel has a cover over the top. The kennel is a good place to keep his food and water. If you are away from home and a sudden storm comes up then your dog will have a safe place, complete with food and water, to stay until you return. If you live in an area where there are stray dogs and/or wild animals, be sure to purchase a dog crate or kennel that is built to provide for his safety and protection as well as comfort.

It has been proven that dogs appreciate having a space of their own in which they feel safe and secure and they can get just that feeling with crates and kennels. It is nice to generate a feeling of reassurance for your dog by adding a soft blanket or other bedding and some toys. There are several on-line websites where you can do a little research to make sure that you’re acquiring the best dog crate or kennel to fit your dog’s needs.

Professional dog trainers recommend using the time proven kennel method to potty train your dog.It is the easiest way to house break him or her. This is true whether the new untrained dog is a puppy or an adult. A dog new to your home even if previously trained may be a little confused by a new family and surroundings. A kennel refresher course may help help him become acclimatized. Select a wire crate with a tray that pulls out from the bottom. They are easier to clean and provide your dog with a view of his surroundings. Make the crate comfortable and inviting by placing soft, washable bedding inside. Place your dog’s crate in the quietest corner of one of the most used rooms in the house, such as a family room or den,so that your dog does not associate crating with feeling isolated or banished.

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