Owning A Dog

Choosing The Right Dog For Your Home Situation

Choosing the Right Dog For Your Home Situation

While most people pick a dog with their heart, you also need to be pragmatic about your decision or you could be in for a rough ride. The following are some general tips on choosing the right dog for your home situation.
What Type of Dwelling Do You Live In?
Your housing situation is one of the most important considerations when selecting a dog. Obviously, it’s in your best interest to get along with your neighbors, and if you happen to live in an apartment or townhouse with common walls, getting a dog known for barking a lot may not be the best choice! This is especially true of course if you have thin walls! On the other hand, if you live in a house in an urban neighborhood, you may be looking for a good guard dog for your family. In this case, a dog known to bark, and sound ferocious when they do so, may be a better choice.
So, you’re probably asking yourself, which dogs bark the most and which dogs bark the least? While every individual dog has his or her own unique personality, the breed or breed mix will give you some hints about their barking proclivity. For example, chihuahuas, terriers, schnauzers, beagle, and poodles are known for barking a lot but their happy yappies don’t exactly sound ferocious do they? German shepherds and rottweilers tend to bark at any potential danger (including the mail delivery person!) but you can usually train them not to go overboard with it. For laid back quieter dogs, you can opt for pugs, spaniels, bulldogs, retrievers, collies, greyhounds, or saint bernards. Now, if you want to get a dog that will be sure to wake up the whole neighborhood, and maybe even get those terrible neighbors down the street to move, get a hound dog and let them bay away!
How Big Is Your Place?
Even if he or she loves you dearly, a big active canine will not be entirely happy if you have a small place like a studio apartment. Bulldogs are a good choice for a small apartment. They don’t bark much and they tend to be perfectly happy being a couch potato. Dachshunds, pugs, and spaniels don’t require that much exercise either. As long as you take them on short daily walks, they’d be fine living in a small apartment. Now, if you have a small place but still want a huge dog, you may want to gravitate toward a lackadaisical dane!
Do You Have Kids and or Other Pets?
If you have kids, you want a dog who will play nice even when the kids get a little rough. Some of the best dogs for this include retrievers, bulldogs, beagles, boxers, terriers, and newfoundland dogs. Kids can play with these breeds or breed mixes to their hearts content!
Do you want the perfect photo opportunity for next year’s holiday greeting cards? There’s nothing cuter than a dog and cat snuggled up sleeping together! Some dog breeds are better at getting along with cats than others. These include retrievers, dalmations, spaniels, pugs, frisés, malteses, boxers, hound dogs, and those gentle giants, newfoundland dogs. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you’re begging for a problem if you combine certain dog breeds with cats because they have been bred to have a strong drive to chase prey! These breeds include whippets, Alaskan malamutes, Irish wolfhounds, samoyeds, weimaraners, schipperkes, siberian huskies, afghan hounds, Norwegian elkhounds, bullmastiffs, pharaoh hounds, plotts, and Scottish deerhounds.
Some dog breeds do much better as an “only pet!” In other words, they don’t like to share their humans with other dogs or cats and prefer to be the center of attention. Shih tzus and terriers are chief among these. However, if you really work at it, they can learn to live with canine and or feline siblings.
Final Thoughts
We hope these tips help you in choosing the right dog for your home situation. If you put your heart and head together to make your decision, you should be able to find the perfect pooch!

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