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Adorable Puppy Abandoned After Being Bought from Backyard Breeder

We have  mentioned elsewhere on this site the ethics of puppy mills and backyard breeders This story illustrates the mistreatment of the dogs they sell.


The 4-week-old puppy was bought off Craigslist for $600 and then dumped shortly after, once the new owner discovered the young dog required bottle feedings — a normal requirement for a puppy his age who was removed from his mother.


According to New York City-based animal rescue Social Tees, the former owner contacted the group a week ago around midnight and told the staff that he purchased the dog for his 6-month-old son, but didn’t want it anymore because of the work involved. He told Social Tees he was planning on leaving Little Bear on the street if the rescue didn’t take the pup in.


A volunteer immediately offered to pick up the pooch and started providing him with the bottle feedings he desperately needed. Because Little Bear was removed from his mother when he was too young, he has been receiving around-the-clock care since coming under Social Tees’ wing.


The group was given little information about the dog or where he came from, but the former owner did mention that he bought the puppy from someone he knows who breeds dogs in their basement, a tragic and all-too-common practice that turns young, female dogs into breeding machines and creates puppies who are removed from their families too soon. To prevent this from continuing, the group and the NYPD are searching for Little Bear’s mother and siblings so they can be rescued as well.

Luckily, Little Bear is a survivor. Even after his tumultuous first four weeks of life, the pup had a promising vet visit, which showed he is healthy overall. The cutie still needs bottle feedings until his teeth grow in and requires a few more vet visits, but Social Tees is confident he will grow into a happy young dog, perfect for a loving home. Right now, he is enjoying all the new attention, and shows his appreciation for the food and love he is receiving by making little, precious piglet noises. Little Bear also won’t be little for long, the playful pooch is growing up fast and working on his bark.

While Little Bear’s story will have a happy ending, Social Tees wishes that they never met the brave pup. The group wants to live in a world where there are laws to prevent the cruelty of backyard breeding, putting an end to dogs who are heartlessly bred for profit and puppies who are sent to homes unhealthy and too early. Social Tees hopes that by sharing Little Bear’s story, others are inspired to put an end to backyard breeders and realize the importance of responsible adoption. To help Social Tees with their mission and assist in Little Bear’s care, donate to the group here. <a title=”donate to Little Bear’s care” href=””>donate to Little Bear’s care</a>

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We Hope this story helps make the public aware of the truth about puppy

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