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2 Important Factors In Choosing the Right Vet

2 Important Factors In Choosing the Right Vet

We’re going to discuss below two of the most important factors in choosing the right vet. These are issues we seldom see discussed on other websites or anywhere else but they are both essential to your dog’s health and your peace of mind!
Find Out the Details of Prospective Vets’ Emergency Services
Invariably, the worst emergencies you’ll face with your favorite canine will occur during off hours, i.e. at times when your veterinarian’s office is not open. You know how that goes! You run a quick errand on a Saturday night and then come back home to find that your dog has just eaten an entire bag of Hershey Kisses, foil and all! You remember, “Chocolate can kill dogs!” First, you panic… then you frantically call your vet’s office and get a recorded message saying to leave a message and someone will get back to you on Monday when the office opens again! What!??
Many people do not think about the worst case scenarios when they pick a veterinarian but truly you should. It’s one of the most important aspects of veterinarian care. A good vet will have a solid emergency care plan in place. Some vet clinics have more than one vet and they take turns being “on call” for after hour emergencies similar to the way medical doctors do for people. Some clinics that have only one vet will team up with other like-minded vets in the region to form the same type of contingency plan for after hour emergencies with there always being a vet for all their patients “on call” for an emergency after hours. The best veterinarians who provide “on call” emergency services will also take the time to familiarize themselves with their partners’ cases, especially those that need special attention such as older dogs or those who are recovering from an illness.
When shopping for a vet, be sure to find out if they provide an “on call” emergency service and ask for the details of that service. What number(s) do you call? Who are the other vets involved? How long will it take them to respond? How much more will it cost? Do you have to have a credit card on file for this? Do they have a partnership with an animal hospital? How far away is the animal hospital? In this way, you’ll know you have chosen the best vet possible in case you and your beloved dog have an emergency that cannot wait until the next business day!
How Do They Handle Operations?
Most people know that dog operations are usually handled in house at the veterinarian’s office. However, what most people don’t know is that their dog is often left alone with zero supervision for more than twelve hours while recovering after a surgery! It is disheartening for most people when they find this out to think of their beloved pooch alone and afraid in a vet’s office at a time they could be in a great deal of pain and or disoriented.
Most dog owners today get their dogs neutered or spayed. For a male dog, the procedure is relatively simple and he can go home almost immediately. However, for a female dog, the situation is entirely different. Spaying requires an invasive surgical procedure and most vets insist on keeping the dog overnight. However, many vets do not pay for anyone to stay with your dog to monitor them during this overnight stay. So, when all the staff goes home on the day your dog has the surgery, your dog may not see another human being until the next morning, more than twelve hours later!
Choosing the right vet should always include a detailed and candid discussion about how they handle operations. You may be shocked to find out that most of the vets in your area do not have staff available to monitor dogs after a surgery. If you find one that does and or they are willing to work closely with you to either to take the dog home with specific instructions or to sleep overnight at the vet’s office, this may make your decision on which vet to choose much easier!

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